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Cheatwood family waiting for dad to come home from marathon

Dale Cheatwood (Source: Facebook) Dale Cheatwood (Source: Facebook)

The family of Dale Cheatwood expected this to be an extraordinary day. He had trained seven years and posted an elite marathon time of three hours and three minutes just to qualify.

His wife Shawna followed his progress on her phone and answered his call shortly after he crossed the finish line. She laughed as he described how his legs wouldn't work anymore and when he said he was headed to the massage tent to get his tired muscles worked on, but after she hung up the phone, everything changed.

"I was sitting in the house and a friend from Alabama actually called and asked if I was in Boston. I said no and she said, well there has been some bombs that went off and I said are you kidding? That's when I started to panic," she said.

Shawna said her husband was a block away from the first blast and was hiding under a building as she frantically tried to call. Eventually he was able to get through to her and was simply stunned.

"He was scared, freaking out, he was screaming what's going on, what's going on as he was running down the street. I just told him not to go that way, he's like where is it and I was telling him where it was and then the phones cut out and I haven't been able to get a hold of him since then," Shawna said.

She said that around 3:30 p.m. An hour later her husband updated his Facebook page letting everyone know that he was okay and describing the terrifying scene in Boston. Even though she knew her husband was safe there was still a lot of uncertainty.

"Is there going to be another explosion? Is there going to be something in the hotel he's staying at? What's going on with the planes to come home? I'm not really sure. I'm a little scared about what's going to happen next," she said.

Shawna said she went to pick up her kids from school immediately after finding out about the situation and told them in the hall outside of their classes what was going on. She's keeping her children close, providing support and as they wait for dad to walk through the front door.

"It will be awesome," she said. "I'm married to the most amazing man in the universe. I will be relieved but I probably won't let him go back, or anywhere anytime soon," Shawna said.

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