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NY Yankees put aside rivalry, show support for Boston

"Sweet Caroline" has been a staple at Red Sox home games since the '90s. (Source: Twitter) "Sweet Caroline" has been a staple at Red Sox home games since the '90s. (Source: Twitter)

(RNN) - The Yankees and Red Sox have had a bitter rivalry almost as long as major league baseball has been around, but after the tragic bombing attack in Boston, the Yankees and their fans are putting all that aside to show their support.

The Yankees organization announced that they will play "Sweet Caroline," the Neil Diamond song that has become a mandatory inclusion at Red Sox games in Fenway Park since the '90s. The Red Sox play the song at the bottom of the eighth inning, but the Yankees will play it at the end of the third inning, in memoriam of those killed during the bombing.

There will also be a moment of silence following the song.

In addition to playing the iconic song, the Yankees hung a banner outside their Bronx stadium that says, "United We Stand," with the two teams' logos side by side.

Yankees fans have also showed their support. On Reddit, a Yankees fan posted his thoughts about the attacks, going so far as saying he'd commit the near-blasphemous act of wearing a Red Sox cap.

"I despise the Red Sox. Still," the Yankees fan wrote. "But I've got nothing but love for the people of Boston, and I would take off my Yankees cap and wear a Red Sox cap to show it."

The fan added "Barack Obama said that in times like this, there are no Democrats and Republicans, just Americans united in support. I hope my fellow Yankee fanatics can set aside baseball partisanship (I think New Yorkers are in a unique position to empathize in this specific case) and do the same. NO ONE deserves this."

Another Yankees fan offered to wear a Red Sox cap, but with repercussions.

"As a die hard Yankee fan from the Bronx that wears a Yankee fitted daily, today I would also wear a Red Sox hat in support. Later on I would have to shave my head and burn the hat though," the commenter wrote.

Several Red Sox fans were grateful for the gesture.

"Wore a Yanks cap on 9/12/01 for the first time. Glad to hear you do the same for us," a Red Sox fan commented.

And on Twitter, the picture of the Red Sox-Yankees banner outside Yankee stadium was retweeted thousands of times.

"I love my Red Sox but I just gained a whole new level of respect for the Yankees," tweeted Lorraine Wangemann.

Kelsey Hess tweeted "It's truly amazing the amount of love the Yankees are showing the Red Sox and the city. #BostonStrong."

And even The New Yorker magazine got in on the act with a cartoon of Yankees fans showing support for the Red Sox.

Chicago also joined the show of support for Boston. The Chicago Tribune dedicated the front of its sport page to Boston teams.

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