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Consider This...We have questions

Who would have thought Monday morning that by the afternoon, our collective attention would be focused on terror in Boston.

The fact is, we all know the world we live in now. Body scans and metal detectors have become a way of life. And the Boston bombings are another reminder of just how vulnerable we are.

And right now we have questions. Why would someone do this? How did they get away with it? And the biggest one…..who's responsible?

The danger is when those questions give way to rumors, conspiracy theories, and paranoia. In just a few short hours after the bombs went off, I heard everything from, "It's a hoax" to "Boston police knew about it in advance."

Consider this:

The fact is, no one could have predicted this and as of right now, we don't have the answers we want.

Now is the time to let the authorities investigate and follow through with their promise to get those answers.

Until then, let's all take a deep breath, say a prayer for everyone affected and make sure our families know how much we love them.

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