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Sharpen Your Driving Skills With the Driving Quiz

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Experts say when motorcycles and other vehicles collide, it's usually the driver of the other vehicle who's to blame, which leads us to the first question. Where do most motorcycle wrecks happen?

A. Intersections

B. Open highways

C. Bridges and overpasses

The correct answer is A. Intersections . Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "This is usually because a vehicle makes a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Drivers tell us they simply didn't see the motorcycle coming. Bottom line, there are more than four million motorcycles on the road and drivers have to be on the lookout for them." Although they take up less space than a car, motorcycles are entitled to a full traffic lane.

Drive along any street or highway and you'll see a traffic sign, coded with colors and pictures. What color sign provides general warnings of what's ahead on the road?

A. Yellow

B. Red

C. Flourescent-Yellow Green

The answer is A. Trooper Wilson says, "Texas has thousands of yellow signs. They're usually diamond shaped and warn you about what's ahead like road conditions, hazards and changes in direction. Red is reserved for stop signs and prohibitive messages and if you see florescent yellow-green you'll know you're either near a school zone or pedestrian crossing." If you're ever tempted to remove a road sign, think again. It's a class C misdemeanor and can cost you a fine up to $500

Labor day is two weeks away and for thousands of Texans that means towing a boat, camper or other recreational equipment to your favorite lake.

True or False. Your vehicle needs the same amount of power whether you're towing a trailer or not.

The answer is true. The power is the same. It's just being used differently. Trooper Wilson says, "Your vehicle's zip has been zapped by the extra weight that means merging or passing must be calculated differently than when you're not towing. If you must pass, always allow much more room than you normally would." The extra weight of a boat or camper also means its takes more time to accelerate and more distance to stop.

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