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Boston marathoner returns home to Lubbock

One Lubbock man is thankful to be home after experiencing the Boston Marathon nightmare firsthand. Monday, Dale Cheatwood crossed the finish line just one hour before the bombs went off. Three days later, he finally arrived home to Lubbock and his wife and three children.

Cheatwood was in the message tent when the explosions occurred.

"You could sense the fear in the room. I looked right at the message lady and said, 'This is a terroristic act,'" he said.

Cheatwood then frantically called his wife back in Lubbock.

"When I finally got in touch with her, she told us what happened and that's when fear set in," Cheatwood said.

"He's normally not a scared person and I could hear the trembling in his voice, so I knew he was concerned," Shawna Cheatwood said.

Cheatwood spent five years training for Boston and before the race had started, he had hoped his family would be waiting at the finish line.

"I was mad they couldn't come at first, but now I'm glad they weren't there," he said.

"We would have probably been right where the bombs went off because that's where the spectators sit, so God knows what he's doing," Shawna said.

Shawna Cheatwood and her family are thankful for the support they received from the children's school, Cooper North Elementary, while her husband was away.

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