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Food for Thought: 4.18

Health inspectors checked out the cleanliness of 70 Lubbock restaurants this week.

Maharaja Indiana Cuisine at 5130 80th had seven critical violations.
* Cooked chicken was above the safe cold temperature.
* Employees drinks did not have lids.
* The handle of an ice scoop was in the ice.
* Cans were sharply dented. This can lead to botulism.
* Cooked rice did not have an expiration date.
* There was no soap at a hand sink.
* Several kitchen utensils were broken.
Management was not available for comment, but the report shows all violations were corrected during the inspection.

Cotton Patch Café at 6810 Slide had 10 critical violations.
* Raw beef and raw chicken were above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
* Employees were not washing their hands for the proper amount of time.
* An employee rinsed off a knife in a hand sink.  Hand sinks are for hand washing only to         prevent contamination.
* An employee did not wear gloves while handling food.
* An employee handled raw meat and then ready to eat foods without changing gloves.
* Turkey did not have an expiration date.
* The sanitizing solution in the dish washer was too strong.
* Stickers and a sticky residue was on multiple storage containers. Pots and pans were dirty and a cutting board was damaged. 
* The report shows - due to the number and nature of the violations the manager did not demonstrate food safety knowledge.
Management tells us all violations were quickly correction, and they are in compliance.

Now to the top of the list - where we find repeat perfection: Cuevas Drive In at 2013 North Ash once again serves up a flawless inspection.

Manara Café at 3806 50th also serves up another perfect Mediterranean dish.

And we add a little spunk to this week's list: Funky Door Bistro & Wine Room at 6015 82nd poured a perfect score.


Food for Thought Report: 4.18


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