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West tragedy hits home for some Lubbockites

Though Lubbock is hundreds of miles away from the community of West, people right here are feeling the weight of the tragedy. And the distance hasn't stopped the people of Lubbock from reaching out across the miles to offer assistance.

"I don't think you are ever too far away to help. You can send money, you can send clothes, toiletries, blankets," said Ashley Bartley. 

Bartley grew up in Waco, Texas, just 18 miles outside of the small town of West. The city is 341 miles and five and a half miles away from Lubbock. Yet, the tragedy in West hit home for many across the South Plains.

"Are all my friends ok? Are their parents ok? Was this done intentionally or was it an accident?"

These questions raced through Bartley's mind as her dearest friends in West were shaken by this disaster.

"The sun came out, it was daylight and they could actually see everything in daylight. They were hoping it was a nightmare and they would wake up and it didn't happen," Bartley said.

However, they woke up only to realize that this nightmare is in fact a reality.

"I did lose a friend. He was a volunteer firefighter. He was just full of life and everybody loved him. He had three kids of his own, four step kids and was just a wonderful man all the way around," Bartley said.

Lubbock resident Misty Horn has a sister who lives in West and she was one of the lucky ones who did not lose her home. And she has graciously opened up hers to those whose homes were destroyed in the explosion.

"They only have one family living in their home right now but I see them opening up their home for an unlimited amount of time for whoever else needs to have a place to stay," said Horn.

Horn says in a time of great crisis such as this, the best thing we can do is work together to help those who need it.

If you would like to send money, clothes, school supplies or toiletries to the people in the West community, Bartley says you can take them to her work place at 1789 E. Marshall Howard Littlefield, TX 79339 or call (806) 385-5543. 

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