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Overnight Storms Rip Through Lubbock

When someone delivering papers drove by Oakwood Baptist Church early Friday morning, they noticed flames coming out of the steeple.  Soon flames raged, but a quick response from the Lubbock Fire Department contained them from spreading to the rest of the church. Pastor, Kevin Hall says, "This is the older part of the building and the attic is built with wood beams. If the fire department hadn't caught it when they did, it could have been a lot worse so we're very thankful and fortunate."  

A little divine intervention perhaps?  Hall says, "Well, we hope. We know He does intervene and we're thankful for that."  Hall has only been pastor of Oakwood for six weeks and wasted no time tackling the first hurdle thrown at him.  Repairs were already underway the same morning lightning struck.

Scott McCoy recalls his experience with the storm saying, "We were afraid it was going to break the windows." McCoy and his family huddled together during the storm in the stairway of their West Lubbock home.  When asked if he saw the hail, McCoy says, "Oh yeah, it covered the whole yard with about two inches of hail." 

Unfortunately for the farmer who owns the cotton crops surrounding McCoy's home, that hail battered almost all the leaves off his plants. Of course, without leaves, photosynthesis can not occur. McCoy says, "He said they'll (the cotton bolls) open up but not as much.  They've been kind of traumatized.  They took a beating last night."

Two oil batterys on FM 1729 and FM 40 also took a beating.  Lightening from last night's storm set them on fire.

Thankfully, the folks at Oakwood Baptist have insurance to cover their costs.   The cotton farmer also has insurance.

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