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Dr. Miller's farewell

A prominent Tech researcher is taking his fight against Alzheimer's to another level.

Dr. Bradley Miller has been a great resource for us at News Channel 11 in helping explain any new techniques or drug studies that involve the brain. But now, he's packing up and going to Indianapolis to be on the research team at Eli-Lilly, a pharmaceutical giant directly involved in a first-ever worldwide study of three drugs to see if they might actually be able to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

"Eli-Lily has gotten to the point where they have two drugs that are ready for this trial that they are trying a new approach that hasn't been tired before, which is to treat very early, and they've realized that they need their own neuropathologist who can also be a clinical biochemist, and I happen to have both of those specialties, so they've chosen to pursue me for that reason. This is the training that I've done and if it works out, then we'll have a treatment for a disease that's absolutely devastating," said Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller told us he's sad to leave Lubbock, but he will return regularly to continue his work with some local labs. And as often as he can, he says he'll join us in our segment HealthWise at five to keep us up to date on brain matters.

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