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Fear turns to relief for Lubbock family in Watertown


Fear and uncertainty has turned into relief in Watertown, MA and all across the country.

Sarah Shehadeh and her mother Marale are originally from Lubbock but moved to Watertown a couple of years ago.   

KCBD was on the phone with them as they explained Friday's terrifying events unfold right before their eyes.

"We're in our house, trying to stay safe because we don't know where he is. We're thinking he's somewhere in this area that's why there are over 9,000 cops just in this area," said Sarah, 19.

Sarah and her mother were nervous all day but she says those feeling of terror and insecurity are now gone.

"We've been at the edge of our seats trying to see if anything else is going to happen or not. But now it's just relief, relief that this is over," Sarah said.

However, this relief only comes after hours upon hours of terror as she and her mother waited in lockdown not knowing what was coming.

"I mean we just have no idea where this guy is. We don't know if there's gonna be another explosion," she said.

She says her day was chaotic and unpredictable from the very moment she woke up this morning.

"Oh wow there's FBI right next door! Oh my gosh…I think they're searching all the houses! Oh my gosh they're about to search our house!" Sarah exclaimed as her voice trembled.

"They're asking us to open our garage," she said over the phone.

The S.W.A.T. team interviewed Marale and searched through their home. After about an hour however, they moved on to the next home. 

And just as they thought their day was beginning to wind down, it only got more hectic.

"I heard dozens of shots and it was very close. It was very fast shots. It must have been an automatic rifle or something. It wasn't sporadic. Just one after another," Marale said nervously. 

Marale was walking her dog outside when she says she heard 20 to 25 gun shots from just a few blocks away.

"It was very loud, I got very scared so I ran home," said Marale. 

Then shortly before 8:00 p.m., the news broke that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was in custody. Sarah and her mom say that was music to their ears.

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