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How much alcohol are you really drinking?

As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, it's important to consider what amount of alcohol is good for us. We know a glass of wine every day can be heart healthy, on the flip side though, too much alcohol can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. So how much is too much?

Dr. Peter Syapin studies alcohol abuse in the Texas Tech Department of Pharmacology and Neurosciences. He says one bottle of beer, one shot of whiskey and one glass of wine all have the same alcohol content and are consider to be one serving of alcohol.

So, he says, if you have a bottle of beer and a couple of shots at a party you just had 3 drinks in a matter of minutes. And according to the National Institute of Health, binge drinking is based on a 2-hour period

"There is a specific definition of consuming 4 drinks within a 2-hour period if you're a female or 5 drinks if you're a male. And this is considered binge drinking. And, of course there are a host of problems associated with binge drinking," said Dr. Syapin.

Problems include a higher risk of cancer and liver damage, as well as an increase of cardiovascular disease.

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