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Goin' Band Makes Big Plans For Football Season

With Red Raider football season kick off less than a month away, the Goin' Band from Raiderland is gearing up.

"I'm ready for all the excitement and all the fans and stuff, when we march out onto the field," says Angie Williams, Goin' Band Member.

The 450 member Goin' Band from Raiderland looks forward to a new season ahead of them, with some new faces added in the mix. "I'm gonna lead cheers and just make sure the band isn't very quiet during the games," says member Armen Williams.

You may recognize Armen's face from Texas Tech basketball games where he decked out in school spirit. But he's moving off the court onto the field where he'll join the Goin' Band. "They're going to put me in front of the band and hopefully the crowd will respond and we'll change the outcome of the football game. We've talked to Coach Leach and other football players about it and they're behind us 110%," says Williams.

Goin' Band director Christopher Anderson says that in addition to new faces, the band has just received a donation - a 45 foot long trailer that used to belong to the football team. This trailer makes the Goin' Band the only band in the country with it's very own customized trailer. "We've never had the opportunity to have a customized truck like the one we have now that sort of matches the Red Raider Football truck," he says.

Anderson adds that you can expect some halftime shows with international flair. For homecoming, they've planned an Olympic theme to celebrate the summer games. "A lot of tunes that everyone's been hearing over the last couple of days but played by the Goin' Band, live, so that should be a lot of fun," he explains.

"I think it's gonna be a great season for both the band and the football team, so go Tech!", exclaims Williams.

You can catch the Goin' Band performing on September 18th, Tech Football's home opener against TCU. Alumni band members will join the Goin' Band that day and will feature a show with Latin flavor.

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