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Lubbock bank robbery suspect faces federal criminal charges

Jeffrey B. Hensley (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office) Jeffrey B. Hensley (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office)

According to a federal arrest warrant, a Lubbock man admitted to the robbery of two Lubbock banks and a credit union after he was arrested Monday on unrelated charges. Investigators say Jeffrey B. Hensley, 42, was a suspect in the robberies after he was identified through tips.

The first robbery occurred on September 14th, 2012 when a man walked into the First United Bank on 98th and Indiana. On December 18th, a man with a similar appearance robbed the Plains Capital Bank inside the South Plains Mall. Then, the Alliance Federal Credit Union at 6601 Indiana Ave. was robbed on February 13th.
One day after the credit union robbery, the warrant says a Crimeline tip came in saying the robber was named Jeff, and provided an old address for Hensley. Another tip came in a few weeks later with a new address for Hensley. Police began watching his home and on Monday they served a search warrant and arrested Hensley for unpaid child support totaling almost $18,000.

Hensley was taken to the Lubbock Police Department for an interview where investigators told him he was being questioned for three bank robberies. Hensley later confessed to the robberies saying he entered the credit union, handed the teller a demand note, took the cash and left. He told police he later drove around for a while and then threw away evidence from the robbery in a dumpster near 82nd and University.

He was also shown a surveillance photo from the credit union robbery and Hensley told police it was him in the photo.

A physical deformity was also mentioned in the arrest warrant that linked Hensley to the First United robbery. When police watched his home the investigator noticed Hensley's left wrist "was bent downward at a sharp angle and he did not change or move his hand or wrist," and that a neighbor described Hensley as having a "deformed left hand."

After the First United robbery witnesses told police the suspect had a deformity on his left arm and it appeared he was holding it and couldn't use it.

Hensley is now being charged with one count of credit union robbery. He will appear before a federal judge in Amarillo Thursday morning. The Lubbock Police Department will also hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss his arrest.

If convicted Hensley could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, and a $250,000 fine.


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