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Cupping treatment

It looks painful and leaves a big mark, but a lot of celebrities are embracing this new trend from a very old art. It's called cupping.

Jennifer Aniston is among many wearing the mark of cupping, an ancient Chinese form of acupuncture, which uses cups and a flame or hand pump to create a vacuum, or suction cup on the skin.

The theory is that it allows your blood to circulate smoothly, thus creating a healthier body.

Supporters believe the cups mobilize blood flow to promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments. It leaves tell-tale mark, a circle on the skin for a week or longer. Ancient Egyptians did this 1000 years B.C. but, in general, western medicine is skeptical of the health claims.

The American Cancer Society says it can be dangerous if people use cupping instead of traditional therapies.

But a study in Plus One suggests cupping may be effective when used along with the recommended treatment, making some people feel better, whether the benefits are real or imagined.

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