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Human sex trafficking victim fights back


A survivor of domestic human sex trafficking shares her experience to help educate others about potential warning signs, with the hope of fighting this horrific crime more effectively.

Chong Kim was abducted in Dallas, Texas at the age of 19. Entrapped in modern-day slavery from 1995 to 1997, she dug deep and devised a plan to eventually escape.

"My plan consisted of ranking up to be a madam because when I became one of them, I figured they wouldn't watch me as much," said Kim. She said although devising escape route was anything but simple, she successfully became free by crawling out of a vent at a casino.

She is in Lubbock this weekend for two events, first, as the keynote speaker of a workshop entitled "End Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking." The workshop takes place Friday and is geared educating law enforcement, rape crisis counselors and undercover agents who specialize in uncovering sex trafficking victims.

Saturday, Kim will preview a film about her traumatic experience as a sex slave called Eden. She says the goal of the film is to make people aware of the dangers of sex trafficking and that it can happen anywhere, at anytime and to anyone.

"Everything you read about statistics wise, keep an open mind and to remember that it's just not just a minor girl, it's not just an immigrant woman, it can also be college girls. College girls can actually be trafficked more than people think. Boys get trafficked, as well."

This type of crime is also more common that we think, Kim suggests and recommends being on-guard in new situations, with new people.

"When you meet anyone, whether it's a guy who's befriending you, or a girl who says, ‘Hey let's go party,' know your surroundings, know where you're at," she says.

If you are abducted she advises, "Try to get out but if you can't, remember your surroundings, where you were at.  Remember if it was a rainy day. If you were blindfolded and can't see anything, listen. Pay attention to your other senses."

Kim is hosting a private screening of Eden at The Holiday Inn Towers Saturday from 6-9 p.m. Following the screening will be dinner and a Q and A forum. The suggested donation for the event is $40 and includes the price of all three events. The Holiday Inn Towers are located at 801 Avenue Q.

If you'd like to view the trailer for Eden click here:

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