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Vasquez sister: 'I knew we were going to lose him'

Mona Vasquez Mona Vasquez
Israel Vasquez Israel Vasquez

The family of Israel Vasquez is in mourning today, remembering the man they love and speaking out about the circumstances that they say led to his death.

Israel's family told us it was supposed to be a relaxing night, just hanging out with his brother in-law, but as he got near the house, the family says he was being followed by the people who lived next door.

Israel had a history of problems with these neighbors. The family says they would taunt him as he approached his sister's house,

But it never got violent, until Sunday.

Rito Ramirez, Israel's brother in law, said "Israel made it probably halfway to his car and they started yelling, calling me and Israel out by name. I stepped out of my house and they just attacked."

Rito Ramirez's front yard became the scene of a family tragedy.

Rito says his brother-in-law was stabbed in the chest.

Israel's older sister, Mona Vasquez described the aftermath: "My brother says, I'm all right, I'm all right. My husband tells him, no you're not all right, wake up you're not all right. I knew we were going to lose him."

Mona was frantic, calling EMS and pleading for help. They rushed Israel to UMC where, a few hours later, he was pronounced dead

"That was my little brother man, my little brother that was so beautiful, you wouldn't even believe," said Michael Perez, Israel's older brother.

Michael says Israel was a happy guy, always wearing "a beautiful smile."

They were very close, and he says Israel would frequently ask him for advice. Now he's left with a hole that can never be filled.

"I can't believe it. Now all I have left are just pictures of him," Michael said.

Michael says he will always wonder if he could have saved his little brother.

"I felt if I would've been there it wouldn't have happened because if there was anybody he would listen to, it was me. If there is anybody that could talk with him it was me," Michael said.

As of Tuesday evening, no arrests have been made in this case. Lubbock police say the investigation is ongoing.

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