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Strong winds blow out windows and rip off roofs in Lubbock


In just two hours, strong winds swept through Lubbock on Tuesday, wreaking havoc across town. Shards of glass blown out of vehicles littered parking lots while trees leaned on homes and roofs causing damage.

Eric Salazar was inside the Lonestar Oyster Bar on 34th Street when the storm blew in. "We were sitting there and it was raining a little bit. All of a sudden the wind started blowing. We thought it was hail but it wasn't, it was rocks," Salazar said. "It ripped off the top of the roof, the sky lights."

When Salazar walked outside he found the windows in his car had been blown out, along with four other vehicles in the same parking lot. "Right now I'm just trying to sweep out the glass from the baby's car seat and my seat so I can drive home without getting shards of glass in my pants," he said.

Across town, people could be seen using trash bags, tape and even Saran Wrap to temporarily fix the broken windows. As for the blown off roofs, that damage will take longer to repair.

"I was cleaning the floor in the back bedroom when the windows blew shut," Helen Jarman said. "I look out the front door and there was the roof down over the carport."

Over half of her roof lay slumped over her carport touching the ground, while she says the other half was scrunched together in the back yard. "If it rains tonight, I don't know whether I will have leaks. We've been praying for rain, but now I'm praying it won't," she laughed.

Tonight and tomorrow morning will be busy as residents and car owners begin cleaning up the mess and insurance companies begin taking claims.

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