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Consumer Reports warns about contaminated turkey

An alarming study in Consumer Reports has consumers nationwide taking a good long look at turkey.

The report tested more than 250 samples of ground turkey across a variety of brands and stores in 21 states. This first-ever analysis of ground turkey finds that more than half of the ground turkey tested positive for fecal bacteria and 90% of the ground turkey tested was contaminated with one or more types of germs that are resistant to common antibiotics.

According to the tests conducted by consumer reports, bacteria containing e-coli and staph aureus could end up in the meat which could lead to food poisoning and other infections.

The National Turkey Federation says the findings are sensationalized and misleading.

Recommendations: Turkeys and other livestock are commonly given low doses of antibiotics to keep  them healthy and help promote growth. There's been growing concern that using antibiotics in animals that are not sick could speed up our own antibiotic resistance.

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