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Jarvis Metals issues warning to metal thieves


Two months ago, a Jarvis Metals employee asked investigators to look into a couple who had been bringing in new brass metal fittings for more than a year.

Investigators tracked the fittings to the city's water department. The department says it was unaware its parts were being stolen and sold.

During the investigation, the city found that in two years, the city has lost more than $100,000 from this activity.

Jarvis Metals Owner David Bayouth says it's a tricky crime.

He says people sell "new" material to them all the time that's left over from jobs they have performed.

"Just because something looks new doesn't mean that it is stolen. So, it's hard to identify in a lot of cases, if something doesn't fit," he said.

Bayouth says they always alert authorities if they see something suspicious.

"Trying to sell it to a scrap yard that follows the rules and following the laws - it's going to be reported to the state and the local law enforcement also," Bayouth said.

The City of Lubbock says it will now conduct an internal investigation into the charges.

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