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Diabetic by Sugary Drinks

The sugar industry argues calories are calories, and if you choose your calories to be sugar, that's okay as long as you keep your total calorie count within reason. But on the flip-side, new research indicates sugary drinks can greatly increase your risk of becoming diabetic.

Some sugar drinks contain 40 grams or more, twice as much sugar as the government recommends for one day. Scientists in a Boston nurse's study found women who consumed one or more sugary drinks a day gained almost three times as much weight as those who drank one a week or less -- and the heavy sugar-drinkers increased their risk of Type 2 Diabetes by a whopping 80%. Here's the bottom line from Harvard.

"It's not poison. There's nothing wrong with having an occasional sugared beverage as a treat, but it shouldn't be a staple, regular part of a normal diet," says Dr. Meir Stampfer, Harvard School of Public Health.

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