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Lubbock kids learn about business, helping others on Lemonade Day

Krystie Martin and her daughter Emily Krystie Martin and her daughter Emily

Lemonade stands sprung up all over town for Lubbock's annual Lemonade Day on Saturday.

"It's a really great lesson for them to learn how to save, how to sell, all the things that it takes to sell, all the things you have to pay back when you start, it's a really great opportunity for them," said Krystie Martin.

The Martins set up shop in front of a United supermarket with their made-from-scratch lemonade stand: Double E's Lemon Squeeze!

Martin hopes her kids, Emily and Ethan, will learn the value of hard work and the rewards that go along with it.

"She's actually talking about doing it all summer. She asked, 'Can I put this out on the front lawn on Sundays when there are a lot of people?'," Martin said.

Not only do these kiddos get to learn great customer services, but many of them are donating their money to charity.

"She is donating to the cystic fibrosis foundation," Martin said.

"All the proceeds from our stand is going out to the Nurturing Center," said Enrique Serrato.

"That's a whole other aspect of this is that she gets to learn that giving to charity feels really good. When we can do things for other people with our money it makes us feel better about ourselves," said Martin.

"And then she learned about what cystic fibrosis was so it's just a whole other learning aspect of this," Martin said.

While many of these stands were set up by families with parents trying to teach their children valuable life lessons, others were non-profit organizations trying to raise money for their cause.

"One in 100 babies are born with a congenital heart defect of some sort," said Michael Thomas-Fuller.

For Thomas-Fuller, the non-profit organization Mended Little Hearts hits home.

"My daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. Basically means that the left side of her heart was smaller than the right side of her heart. Our daughter passed away when she was 22 days old," Thomas-Fuller said.

Thomas-Fuller wants to bring awareness to this organization and wants others who may be suffering from this to know they are not alone.

"You're not the only family out there that may have had to go through this. There are others out there and we would to share out story and let you share your story with us," Thomas-Fuller said.

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