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Lubbock Voters Pass $98 Million Bond Package

$98.8 Million LISD Bond Package






Total Votes


The last Lubbock Independent School District bond election was held in the mid 1990's. After speaking with bond committee members Tuesday, they say roughly 35% more people voted for this bond election than in 1995.

12,889 people voted. A total of 48 precincts were counted throughout the evening. Not too far away at the school administration building, school officials patiently waited for the results. And to say the least, they were pleased. "In Lubbock, we rise to the challenge and tax payers respond to the needs of the community and to the children of the community for their education," said Mark Griffin, L.I.S.D. Board President.

Here's how the money will be spent.

  • $55 million will go toward two new elementary schools and the expansion of high schools to accommodate grade configurations.
  • $18 million will go to new technology which will include new computers and educational tools.
  • $25 million will go to building improvements for every single campus throughout the district. (school roofs, parking lots, and air conditioning maintenance)

But how does it affect your pocket book? The average cost of a Lubbock home is $84,000. You can expect to pay $65 more a year. But if you're 65 and older, your school taxes automatically freeze, therefore, it will not go up.

For the rest of you, the tax rate will be phased in over a three to four year period and will not effect the 2004-2005 school year.

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