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Parent Pushes for Slower Speeds- Streets of Speed Special Report

Out front Lubbock-Cooper high school the stillness of Woodrow road belied Monday's chaos. Shortly after school let out, tragedy engulfed the community.

"It was pretty tough seeing that little girl like that," said Steve Adams, father of four, arrived on the scene seconds after the crash, providing comfort to mortally wounded Andrea Rodriguez. "I just did what I could," he said. "I held her head still until EMS took over," he added.

The pile up entangled five cars sending six teenagers to the hospital, one of whom, Andrea Rodriguez, later died. On Tuesday afternoon one of her friends went to the scene of the accident looking for something to hold on to. "What do you have in your hands?" we asked. "Just pieces of his car," said Pamela Scott. She knew Andrea since the sixth grade. "It was one of our best friends that got killed on the road yesterday (Monday)- Andrea," she cried.

Unfortunately there are no speed limit signs on Woodrow road, not an uncommon occurrence for county roads. So what's the speed limit? 60 mph during the day, 55 mph during the night. Still, too fast for parents like Steve Adams. "We're shooting for 45 or 50," he said. On Tuesday he met with school officials seeking support to both post and reduce speed limits. "We want to get the community involved and let everybody know what's going on out here," he said.

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