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Woodrow Road Improvements Ahead?

The death of Lubbock-Cooper student Andrea Rodriguez has lowered flags to half staff and pushed the community into action.

"Woodrow road is in very poor condition," said David Salinas. He's lived in the area for 20 years. "I'd like to see a plan of action, as far as for safety for the kids and the school district," he says.

"Something has to be done," said Father Nelson Diaz, pastor at the church where funeral services will be held for Andrea. "It is a lot of traffic over there, and children, especially children. I believe that when there are children I believe the city has to be more concerned," he said.

While there's no lack of support for road improvements, whether its widening, signage, or reduced speed limits, inevitably, it comes down to money, and the lack of it. Something Woodrow road residents have heard before. "And that's what I've heard all along, there's tight budgets, but someone needs to have initiative for a long or short term plan," said Salinas.

"I'm just sitting here where someone's life is gone," said Bill McCay, Precinct One's most likely future county commissioner. Familiar with the road, and personally motivated to somehow do something about it. "Whether I have to rob Peter to pay Paul to get something done because I've got an eighth grader and in a few years he'll be driving this road and I want it to happen a lot sooner than that," he said.

Meanwhile, high school parent Steve Adams is spearheading a grassroots effort to implement changes on Woodrow road. He plans on holding a meeting at Lubbock-Cooper high school sometime next week, and is making his phone number available for folks who'd like to get involved. It's (806) 745-2963.

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