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Lubbock officer's quick actions help save a life

Officer David Harrison Officer David Harrison

They take an oath to serve and protect, but one Lubbock police officer took it a step further over the weekend with quick actions that helped save a life.

Police officer David Harrison has only been with the Lubbock Police Department since June of 2011, but this young officer's devotion to serving the public was about to go above and beyond.

Shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday, Harrison received a call about shots being fired at the Royal Palace club off Avenue Q and 35th Street. Harrison was first on the scene.

Police dash cam video shows Harrison jumping out of his patrol unit and running to a direction where bystanders are pointing and screaming. Earl Cameron, a 21-year-old Texas Tech student, was lying in the middle of the parking lot, unconscious and covered in pools of blood.

Harrison had no idea where the gunman was, if he was still on the scene or if anyone else was armed. The crowd around him continued to grow aggressive and violent. Without thinking twice and disregarding the danger he was putting himself in, Harrison ran to help Cameron.

"There was a large amount of blood surrounding the man," Sergeant Jason Lewis said.

Cameron had been shot in his femoral artery, a shot that could potentially be deadly.

"He knelt down and started to rip the man's clothing off to be able to asses that wound," Lewis said. "He took some of that clothing and applied pressure to try and stop and control the bleeding while also controlling the crowd around him that was fighting."

As Harrison called for backup, he continued to apply pressure to Cameron's wound and attempted to calm down the crowd. Finally, the ambulance arrived and Cameron was rushed to emergency surgery.

"I absolutely believe he saved his life by putting himself in harm's way," Lewis said. "It was a very dangerous situation and he showed his true colors by putting everybody else before himself. He was there to serve."

Cameron spent three days in the hospital and was released on Tuesday. He says he is grateful Harrison was there to help save his life. "I just want to say thank you," Cameron said. "99% of the world won't care if you live or die, but I'm just glad he did."


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