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Humane Society seeking homes for needy cats


The Humane Society of West Texas has taken in twenty cats after a resident in Lubbock County was found to have more than they could take care of.

Tomas Almanza with the Humane Society said, "We were called in by another agency to try to get rid of the cats and get them homed or whatever needed to be done so the conditions of this person's home would be livable again."

"It's still pretty dire and we still haven't gotten all the cats out but at least they have plenty of food now," Almanza said.

He said the owner did not spay or neuter the cats so very quickly two became the twenty that are being taken away.

"They are very skinny and starving. It's almost impossible for one person to feed twenty some-odd cats unless you have a lot of money because it will run you $300 to $400 dollars a month," Almanza said.

Seven out of the twenty cats have been removed from the home and of those, four have been adopted. The West Texas Humane Society is asking for your help in finding homes for the remaining cats so they don't have to be euthanized.

"The cats have been starved - not literally, but they're very, very hungry and any time a cat is very hungry the person that starts feeding it and treating it well, that cat is going to be so loyal and love you to death," Almanza said.

The Humane Society says:

"Oriental and Siamese mixes. All kinds, genders, and colors: flame points, tabbies, seal points, blue eyed ones. Mostly younger, around or under 1 year. Have all been indoor only cats. Please email or call (806) 466-6644! All the cats are good with other cats and socialized. Don't wait to email! Eight are fostered, one is pregnant. Still have to save about 12! Don't wait to help if you can! We also could use food donations to help our fosters cover the costs of fostering the kitties:"

For more information on how to adopt or foster these cats go to

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