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How does LP&L check your meter?

LP&L reads 182,000 meters a month in Lubbock. LP&L reads 182,000 meters a month in Lubbock.

So how does LP&L check your meter, and how do they know they're charging you the right amount?

"We have 19 meter readers here in Lubbock that read water and electric. We read about 182,000 a month combined," said LP&L meter reading supervisor Tracy Rollins.

Readers use a handheld device to enter the data and track the amount of energy used per meter.

Rollins says customers are on a 21-day billing cycle and that meters get read once per month.

"What we do is take this read and last month's kilowatt hour read and subtract the difference and we get your consumption for the month," Rollins said.

"There's no way that we can sit there and just estimate the bill because there's just too many variables. We don't have a previous read on the handheld for them to estimate by so they're out making sure they read it accurately each and every time," Rollins said.

Workers who don't record the numbers accurately and honestly are graded based on how many misreads they have and face a series of punishments. These include a verbal warning, a written reprimand, suspension and even termination.

The handhelds alert LP&L when a number read falls outside of a 15% range. In that case, a supervisor looks over the recorded number and either approves it or follows up with the reader.

Rollins says if people really want to see a difference in their bills during the summer, they just need to conserve power.

"When you leave a room, turn the light off. If you're not home, buy a programmable thermostat and change your light bulbs from incandescent to fluorescent - that will save a lot of money as well," Rollins said.

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