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NTSB proposes lowering drunk driving threshold from .08 to .05


The National Transportation Safety Board is taking a bold step towards eliminating alcohol-impaired driving crashes by proposing the current blood alcohol content level of .08 be lowered to .05.

"We could save 10,000 lives if we took action and I think about all of the people who are injured and all those families who are affected by this life-altering deliberating injuries, that's 27,000 people year after year after year," Debbie Hersman, Chairman of NTSB

Data NTSB collected in 2011 shows nearly 10,000 people were killed in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers. And now they are

"Whether people are buzzed or blitzed, you're impaired and they shouldn't be drinking and driving because frankly, the safety of all of us depends on the decisions that they make," said Hersman.

But people around Lubbock have mixed reactions to the recommendation.

"Even with one drink you could still get into a wreck and kill someone and I would be all for that," said one woman.

"No, definitely not," said a Tech student when asked if the BAC should be lowered.

In an effort to eventually have no crashes related to alcohol-impaired driving, NTSB has released a set of targeted interventions.

But some are skeptical it will actually work.

Do you think people are going to follow it? "No, they don't follow it now."

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