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Bomb Squad Receives Bomb Trailer

In response to the nation's homeland security defense, Lubbock's bomb squad has received a new piece of equipment. A device that is also used by our military overseas and will safely handle any explosives on the South Plains.

"Anytime we've had any explosives or what we call improvised explosive devices or bombs, we've had to use a dump truck with sand in it," explains Sergeant David Turner. This new bomb trailer will make it safer for him and other members of the Lubbock Regional Bomb Squad to do their job.

"What this means for us is no more hands on, we get the device out of the building, set it inside the bucket and everything else is done remotely while we're 500 ft. away with a remote control and we don't have to stand close," explains Sergeant. Turner.

Here's a demonstration of how bomb technicians would handle a potential threat: if an explosive happens to go off while being transported for disposal at the bomb squad's explosive range. The 5,000 pound trailer is designed to assure that no citizens or the driver are injured. "It's designed to blow the blast pressure all the fragmentation and everything straight up as opposed to outward where it could harm individuals or property on the sides," says Sergeant. Turner.

County Commissioner James Kitten says this bomb trailer is necessary for an effective bomb squad. "We hope we never need it but it's a piece of equipment that should be here for the area," he says.

The squad has been approved to receive a robot worth more than $150,000 that will handle the bomb in place of an officer. The robot will also be available for use during a hostage situation. The trailer and the robot are provided by a homeland security grant.

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