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Lubbock Helps Define America

Buddy Holly's giant glasses brought everything into focus. "Love the people that I've met here," said Photographer David Gibbons. He selected Lubbock as one of 14 cities in the country in his pursuit to capture the essence of America, one flash at a time.

"You had your picture taken?" asked NewsChannel 11. "Yes sir," said Ronald Bornick, one of about a hundred people randomly selected to be photographed at the Buddy Holly Center. "How often do you get to be part of a documentary?" he said.

Not often and not for long. Gibbons' crew is on a tight two week schedule. Shooting, interviewing, moving. 14 cities, 14 days. "Yes, I'm tired," said Chris LaMont. He's shot 32 hours of footage in the past eight and a half days. "It's kind of road rules, but we're not as cool as the people on MTV because we're educators and such," said LaMont

But what's lacking in style is made up for in substance. "All we're trying to do is get people's stories and people are wonderful," said Gibbons. People like Ronald Bornick. "Lubbock and West Texas, I think, is a unique place to find real, laid back, true, earthy Americans," he said.

Today's flashes will turn into prints that will revisit Lubbock as an exhibition. An Englishman's thank you for an American experience.

For more information about the project, visit their website by (clicking here).

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