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Consider This...Lubbock is overdue for sirens

By now you've all seen the latest on the deadly tornados that hit in North Texas. Pictures of the aftermath prove just how fast this kind of weather can destroy homes and lives.

One Granbury official said that most residents had 15 to 20 minutes warning from the city sirens going off across town. It's scary knowing that the storm still killed at least six people and injured over 100. It was just that bad of a situation.

Consider this:

I still can't help but think that those sirens saved lives. Without that 15 minutes of warning, the death toll would most certainly have been higher. Most people were able to take cover before the tornado hit. Sadly, that still wasn't enough for some.

The point is, the warning was there. Today's technology and KCBD's commitment to keeping everyone safe during severe weather is reassuring. But Lubbock needs tornado sirens. 26 people died in the 1970 tornado and history tells us some of those people were outside.

And most of them had little warning because there were no sirens. Have we not learned anything?

Well, Lubbock has studied the issue in recent years but nothing has been done. It all comes down to money. I say if we are spending city money to "Imagine" Lubbock's future,  tornado sirens should be a top priority on that list.

This city spends millions on projects that will have no effect on most tax payers. Lubbock would need about 150 sirens at a total cost of about $4 million. I say that would be money well spent. 

Because as the experts say, it's not a matter of if, but when.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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