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Consider This...LP&L bill less of an electricity bill

Typically you'd think you're electric bill is all about the amount of electricity you consume. Not true in the case of LP&L.

LP&L bills are more of a pass through for city fees and water than a bill for electricity.

Take a look: the total electric charges on this bill are $87.15 but the total bill is $290.38.

That's more than double the electricity. The rest are city fees like water, sewer, solid waste, and storm water and those "hidden taxes" keep going up.

City hall wants more money? Raise the fees and hide them on the LP&L bill: That's their philosophy.

Consider this:

Once again I am calling on the mayor of Lubbock to follow-through on his campaign promise to "stop hidden taxes" on your LP&L bill.

And, by the way, stop using LP&L to do the dirty work and send out a separate bill for water and "fees."

They are nickle and diming us to death with fees that we have no control over for services we have to have. And enough is enough.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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