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Is Lubbock prepared for the next big storm?

Tornadoes caused massive damage in Granbury, TX on Wednesday. Tornadoes caused massive damage in Granbury, TX on Wednesday.

Lubbock knows first hand the damage a major tornado can do to a city. It was 43 years ago on May 11 when an F5 tornado swept through downtown.

But after seeing last night's destruction in Granbury, citizens are asking, are we prepared to handle another one?

"For us it's not a matter of if another one hits, it's when another one hits. It's constant vigilance on our part," said Red Cross Volunteer Bill Curnow.

Curnow described what the emergency response would look like:

"We would quickly establish shelters for those affected by the disaster and then go out into the community to assess exact damage and what additional needs might be required," Curnow said.

One of the main priorities for the Red Cross is providing shelter for displaced victims. They have a special vehicle that allows them to provide that anywhere they go.

"This is one of our immediate response trailers," Curnow said, indicating a giant white trailer with the Red Cross symbol on the side. "It is a multi-tasker, but one of the things it can do is support a shelter for 100 people. We've got 100 cots on board and 200 blankets and other things we might need to quickly and rapidly open up a shelter."

"Out of our local chapter, we've got enough supplies on hand to handle about 350 individuals, but through our partners we can quickly ramp that up to several thousand. Then we could reach out to neighboring Red Cross chapters for additional help and supplies as necessary," he said.

The Salvation Army in Lubbock feels like they are prepared for the worst as well.

"We would have no problems today meeting the immediate impact of our area," said Co-officer in charge of The Salvation Army Tim Grider.

"We have the aptitude, we have the facilities, we have the equipment and we also have outside personnel and equipment that can come and help us respond. We would have mobile responders there in that area serving people immediately."

So, with all this concern about tornados, does Lubbock need warning sirens? Currently we don't have them.

We spoke with Mayor Glen Robertson and asked if he wanted to install them. The mayor said he feels the sirens wouldn't be effective in Lubbock because of how spread out the city is. He does not support installing them at this time.

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