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Food for Thought: 5.16

Three popular restaurants make the short list this week.

Chuy's at 4805 S. Loop 289 had 9 critical violations.
* Ground beef and shredded chicken were not at least 135 degrees.
* The water at the hand sink was not hot enough.
* Containers of sugar and flour were not labeled.
* Cans were sharply dented.
* An employee was not wearing gloves when handling pico. The handle if a spoon was in an avocado.
* The dishwasher was not sanitizing properly.
* Food storage containers and dish ware were dirty.
* The inspector noted that because of the number of the violations, management did not show proper food safety knowledge.

Management tells us, "As a proud member of this community, we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously. Every issue raised in this inspection was dealt with immediately and we are continuously working to make sure Chuys is the safest and best restaurant for our customers here in Lubbock."
The report shows all violations were corrected while the inspector was there.


Next we head to Chili's Grill and Bar at 607 University.
Health inspectors cited the restaurant with 10 critical violations.
* Mashed potatoes were not cooling properly.
* Raw chicken and raw ground beef were above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
* Employees did not wash their hands after wiping their hands on clothing, wiping sweat or when changing duties.
* An employee's drink did not have a lid. A plastic container and a whisk were in the hand wash sink.
* An employee was not wearing gloves when handling tortillas and other items.
* Raw chicken was stored above raw fish.  And raw ground beef was over egg batter.
* Dishes were not being sanitized.
* There were no thermometers in two coolers.
* Several kitchen items were dirty.
* Due to the number and the nature of the violations, the inspector notes that management did not demonstrate food safety knowledge.

Management tells us everything has been corrected.
The report shows all violations were corrected during the inspection.

And finally, we head to the top of the list.
Our only top performer did super on their latest inspection.
Souper Salad at 6703 Slide served up a buffet of perfection.


Food for Thought Report: 5.16

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