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Mental Health Book

It's call the DSM V, the new "bible" of mental disorders. It's intended to help people suffering from mental illness get an accurate diagnosis.

The new manual will be provided to doctors by the American Psychiatric Association. It includes guidelines for diagnosing 160 disorders.

"This becomes a very vital tool in terms of making appropriate diagnosis in the same way that we would have diagnostic criteria for other medical conditions," said Dr. David Kupfer, chair of the DSM task force, part of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Critics say mental illness is different from physical illness in that you can't always find a "marker" to give you a definite diagnosis, the way a tumor could be an indicator of cancer.

This is the first time a manual for the mentally ill has been updated since 1994. It includes new guidelines for identifying new concerns, everything from extreme hoarding, to severe grieving that has turned into depression.

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