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Hundreds gather for Hailey Dunn memorial


Family, friends and others who were touched by her life attended Hailey Dunn's memorial Sunday afternoon at the Colorado City Middle School. The service was held in the same gym where Hailey played basketball and volleyball games.

"The slide shows definitely, just getting to see all of Hailey's life and how much she grew, that was the most sad," said Colorado City resident Haley Maxwell. She played softball with Hailey and experienced her charisma first hand.

"She was very spunky. She had a great attitude, was a hard worker and was always courteous to others and very respectful," she said.

Friends spoke about the Hailey they knew and towards the end, a candlelight ceremony brought many to tears before a prayer closed out the service.

Another Colorado City resident, Linda Fox, also had the chance to experience Hailey's vivacious personality.

"She'll light up a room - just her face. You knew from the moment you saw her and she was just sweet, a very sweet girl," Fox said.

Linda was a member of the search team that looked for Hailey after her disappearance. She always held out hope that Hailey would be found alive. When Hailey's remains were found, she was in a state of shock, calling everyone she knew to verify the information - asking herself how someone could do this to a child.

Since then she has seen the city come together and is proud of the support they are providing one another.

"It was just so amazing. I was so grateful to see that," she said. "To have our community come together and show their love for Hailey is touching," she said.

The ceremony was also attended by B.A.C.A, Bikers Against Child Abuse. They came to support all of the local authorities and to honor Hailey in a ceremony that will stick with them for years to come.

"It was great, very emotional. We love the way the kids reacted to the songs that were there... The candlelight service was beautiful."

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