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Snyder Rolls out Red Carpet

Snyder rolled out the red carpet Thursday night for the premiere of ‘Grand Champion’. ‘Grand Champion' was written and directed by Snyder native Barry Tubb, and most of the movie was filmed in that area with hundreds of locals posing as extras.

It's a family film that's gotten rave reviews so far. Take a look.

With red carpet lining the entrance to the Snyder cinema, locals lined up to catch the premiere of Grand Champion.

"I just want to see it to be able to look at the movie and see people and places from Synder in it."

"Mainly because it's about Scurry County and Barry Tubb and I've known him for a long time."

"It was real exciting when they were making it here and we hope it goes over well and big, and we're glad to be here."

"We would really like to see him do well with it and I hope he does."

Being a Snyder native, Tubb wanted to make this movie for the people in his hometown. "Well I got past Snyder, you know your hometown is always the toughest so I'm feeling pretty good," said Tubb.

Grand Champion had three big premiers one in L.A., Fort Worth and then Snyder, and those who've seen it are raving.

"I enjoyed it. I liked it very much."

"I thought it was good."

"I thought it was very enjoyable."

"I thought it was enjoyable, I'd love to bring my grandchildren to it."

“It was a great family movie, we enjoyed it."

"I loved it. I thought it was great."

Grand Champion follows a boy and his prize winning steer, on their journey across West Texas. It's a feel good family movie with stars as big as Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, and Joey Lauren Adams. To Texas favorites like George Strait, Natalie Maines, Charlie Robison, Robert Earl Keen and Tuff Hedeman.

"I made a movie in the old Walt Disney style bring your grandkids, grandparents it's one everyone can enjoy. The whole family and that's why I made it," says Tubb.

Grand Champion opens in five cities on Friday; Fort Worth, Weatherford, Arlington, Mesquite and Snyder. Depending on how well it does in the next two weeks determines how many theaters will get it when it opens nationwide.

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