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Tech Commuters Face Drastic Parking Changes This Fall Semester

As 29,000 students begin classes at Texas Tech on Monday, Traffic and Parking Services prepares for the influx of students. Approximately 1,000 commuter spaces were lost due to slow construction of the Texas Tech Parkway, creating challenges to commuters.

Backpacks and books aren't the only necessities for the first day of class. When it comes to parking, Tech commuters should also bring along some patience, enough to last the entire fall semester.

"We just want people to be patient, take their time, and know what's going on," says Eric Crouch with Texas Tech Traffic and Parking. He urges commuters to arrive 20 minutes earlier than what they normally would.

"Most people need to have plenty of time to get here. If they're rushed, they're going to feel frustrated trying to find a place, " he explains. Crouch also suggests students take Brownfield Highway en route to parking destinations and to avoid 19th St. if possible. "The intersection at 19th and Indiana will be closed, so it's going to cause traffic to back up a little bit," explains Crouch.

In the meantime, Tech will provide a few temporary parking lots like the one at the Ranching Heritage Center complete with bus service through the fall semester. Students can also find parking spaces at the 7-Eleven located just north of Jones SBC Stadium and the Museum of Texas Tech.

"We're trying to add about 1,000 spaces, that's what we lost due to parkway construction," he says. In addition, traffic and parking staff will be available to help commuters ease their way to class. "We've brought on additional staff for the next two weeks to help people find a parking place and help direct them into the lots, so they're not trying to hunt for the last space," he says.

On the upside, Crouch says traffic and parking will be merciful to commuters as they adjust to these parking changes.

"We will be taking it easier on students this next week so we can get them parked and get them to class."

Meanwhile, there are still satellite parking permits available for students living off campus, and students can park for free at the Wal-Mart located at 4th St. and Frankford Ave. This location is a campus bus route. In addition, students can ride to campus on Citibus from anywhere in town by showing their Tech ID.

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