Lubbock City Council divided over need for tornado sirens

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Residents in both Granbury and in Moore, Oklahoma received advance warning of the storms from the tornado sirens in their cities, but here in Lubbock, it is still unclear whether or not we will get sirens in place.

We asked Lubbock City Council members if they supported the idea of purchasing tornado sirens. Here's what we found out:

Victor Hernandez was unavailable for comment.

Floyd Price said he is undecided and says they need to develop a plan for people to retreat.

Todd Klein says he is very much in favor of the idea of installing sirens.

Jim Gerlt is undecided and questioned whether their effectiveness is more than the cost.

Karin Gibson was opposed to the idea. She suggested giving everyone a weather radio and does not think the sirens will be effective because she says everyone will tune them out.

Now we want to know what you think. Head on over to our front page at and vote on whether or not you would be in favor of spending tax dollars for tornado sirens here in Lubbock.

We will share the results with you tonight at 10.

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