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Survivor compares Oklahoma event to 1970 Lubbock tornado

Dr. Monzer Attar was injured in the 1970 Lubbock tornado. Dr. Monzer Attar was injured in the 1970 Lubbock tornado.

There are several similarities between the Moore, Oklahoma tornado and Lubbock's devastating tornado of 1970.

An EF-5 tornado ripped through the Hub City on May 11th, 1970, killing 26 people. More than 250 people were seriously injured and more than 1,000 homes were completely destroyed.

A Lubbock physician, Dr. Monzer Attar, remembers being in the twister's path that night.

"I didn't hear anything. It got dark. I thought maybe I forgot to turn my lights on, so I turned them on and off - no change. I looked up through the windshield, up to the sky, I saw the debris, the wood, the shingles flying," Dr. Attar said, remembering that frightening evening.

He says the last thing he remembers is looking back behind him.

"I turned my face to look back, I saw lights of a few cars and then forget it…I went out - completely," he said.

Attar was told that a two-by-four came crashing down through his car, swiping his face and knocking him unconscious.

"I didn't feel anything when I went out. The problems started afterwards, after I woke up," Dr. Attar said.

The tables were turned that day for Dr. Attar, who has been practicing medicine for years. Instead of treating patients, he woke up as a patient in the Intensive Care Unit at what is now called Covenant Hospital, three days after the devastation happened.

Dr. Attar endured 15 operations. He currently has an artificial nose and his eye had to be sewn back into its socket. The deep scar across his nose is a constant reminder of how damaging an event of that magnitude can be.

"Two police...they took me to the Emergency Room at Covenant and they didn't recognize me because my face was all mutilated. They thought I was going to die," he said.

Dr. Attar says he knows far too well the misery going on in Moore.

"We recovered and they will recover," Attar said.

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