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Hernandez responds to recall petition

Councilman Victor Hernandez Councilman Victor Hernandez

Provided by City of Lubbock

Former Lubbock County Commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez, Republican, has initiated a recall petition effort against City Councilman Victor Hernandez. Others joining in the effort are Frank Gutierrez, Armando Gonzales and Beatrice Perez (Ysidro Gutierrez' daughter).

This afternoon, Ysidro Gutierrez submitted the recall petition to the City Secretary's Office.

The Office of the City Secretary will begin the verification process on Tuesday May 28th to determine the petition's validity.  No information regarding the City Secretary's findings will be made available until the process is completed and the City Council and recall organizers have been notified of the results.  After proper notification, the Office of the City Secretary will be available to visit with the media.

A copy of the City of Lubbock's Administrative Policies and Procedures related to "Petitions – Officers Subject to Recall" can be found on the City of Lubbock website by clicking, http://mylubbock.us/docs/default-source/city-secretary-files/policy-procedure---petitions---recall.pdf.

City Councilman Victor Hernandez stated, "As an attorney, I've learned that generally speaking, people are afraid of the courtroom and especially afraid of Judges. In summary, what people really fear, is the unknown.

Some of my supporters are upset with me because I have not shown disdain for my detractors but rather have encouraged all to remain calm and respectful, both of the people and of the process.

Should enough signatures be verified to trigger a recall election then, we will calmly and respectfully move forward, toward the next step, a November election. Should the required number of verified signatures not be reached then, we will move forward, toward healing the fracture which exists in the community."

Councilman Hernandez has previously stated that he will not resign his position.

Councilman Hernandez continued, I have full confidence in The People, which is not said in arrogance, but rather, acknowledging that The People of District 1 and in the City of Lubbock know what is best for the District and for the City. I also realize that The People's choice could very well be someone else, someone other than Victor Hernandez. I am not afraid of The People because we are one and the same.

One last thought, "I love being a public servant, doing my best to help the people of District 1 and the City as a whole. I would again encourage all not to be fearful of the unknown but rather, have confidence in The Process and in The People."

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