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The Truth Behind College Drinking

It's not unusual for college students to end up in the emergency room after a night of binge drinking. A study at the University of Virginia tracked emergency room visits by students over a two year period, and they found it wasn't alcohol poisoning that demands medical attention as much as the stupid stuff that happens at the party.

"I've seen people falling over on tables, banging their head on the wall or the door frame or low hanging lights or lamps or anything. I've seen glasses break. I've seen people fall on these glasses breaking," says a college student.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says we hear a lot about the risk of drinking and driving, as we should, but the group says students should know there are many other serious consequences of alcohol, particularly among college drinkers. One-fourth of all college students report academic problems because of excessive drinking and about 110,000 students nationally are arrested for alcohol related offenses like public drunkenness or assault.

Finally, more than 400,000 students say they have had unprotected sex after a night of drinking. The institute hopes this will be a sobering message to students as this school year begins. If they must drink, drink responsibly and always with a designated driver.

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