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Red Cross provides shelter for apartment fire evacuees


A former middle school has become a temporary home for some displaced east Lubbock residents.

The Red Cross has set up temporary camp for residents of the Spanish Oaks Apartments in  Alderson Middle School at 1017 E. 28th Street, which is now an empty building.

Around 9 a.m. Monday morning, a fire broke out at the complex which burned down 8 units and damaged 22. The fire department cleared the entire building and due to safety concerns turned off the electricity, leaving tenants without homes.

Resident Charles Green said the fire started in his apartment.

"I ran to the house and I looked in through the door there was fire going all the way up the stairs. It burned up everything we have," he said.

"Everything that we worked hard for it just went down the drain and we're just trying to figure out what we got to do now," Green said.

Thankfully, the Red Cross has made these residents feel at home.

"It's been a blessing," Green said. "We're glad that they take the time out of their day to house us here."

The Red Cross plans to keep the shelter at open for a total of three days. Officials say they had prepared for as many as 150 people but only had 17 on Monday evening. Now, they report the number of people needing shelter has increased and they expect it to continue to increase through Wednesday.

According to Red Cross volunteer Bill Curnow, they are prepared to give these people a place to sleep and food and water.

"We shown them the dormitory and they are able to pick out a cot for themselves or their family and then we show them where the cafeteria is where all the snacks, meals and waters are."

Curnow said they have planned to house these residents for three days but aren't sure if that will be enough time for the evacuees to find something more permanent.

"We're planning for at least 3 days it may go longer than that. We'll have a much better idea in the next day or so," he said.

But residents like Stacy Young are anxious about the future.

"We can only be here three days so what we're going to do next - that's the worst part, " she said.

Young said she's not even sure if she'll have a home to go back to at this point.

"I just hope they fix the apartments that we're in now. If they can get fixed that will be great but if not we don't know what the next step is," Young said.

Volunteers from Lubbock, Amarillo and Wichita Falls are providing food, supplies, health care and assistance to the evacuees. The Red Cross is still seeking monetary donations and more volunteers as the number needing shelter increases.

You can assist by contacting the Red Cross online at or reach them by phone at 806 765-8534. The Lubbock Chapter of the Red Cross is located at: 2201 19th Street, Lubbock TX 79401.


Dozens of residents displaced by East Lubbock apartment fire

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