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Consider This...TTU Regents doing right thing for all of us

Getting and staying in college is tougher than ever with rising tuition costs. For many Texans, holding the line on those costs is THE difference between getting an education or not. And we all know education is the key to greater opportunities.

This month the Texas Tech Regents, lead by Finance Committee Chairmain John Steinmetz, did hold the line on tuition at Texas Tech. Tuition and fees will not change for the 2013-2014 semesters.

Consider this:

The Texas Tech Board of Regents are to be commended for being the only university in Texas to freeze tuition this year. And now they have plans for students to get a four-year fixed rate on tuition so families will know what to expect.

This news has significant meaning for a lot of folks. It means families and students struggling to find affordable education have new options.  It means Texas Tech has a new way to grow enrollment, stay competitive and recruit new students from across the country.

And all of those things mean economic opportunity for the Lubbock area. So thank you to the leadership of the Board of Regents. By putting our children and future college students first, you've put us all first.

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