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High-tech aids for equine therapy

You've heard of equine therapy. Now look at how technology is teaming up with therapeutic horseback riding to make a difference in patients with disabilities - thanks to some hardworking students and the next generation of the iPhone.

Like with the "stable-izer," a backpack and sunglasses that will alert a rider that he's leaning.

"To have a device that actually measures that consistently and objectively was really important to them," said Alexandra Schwier.

There's a therapeutic saddle that provides back, hand and leg support, and now, an i-Horse that mimics the motion of horse riding.

These revolutionary devices are used in therapy for riders suffering from disabilities or stroke.

"This is far beyond what I thought it would be but I knew there would be future, enormous potential and here we are," said Debbi Chrisy, the mother of a student.

Experts predict these innovations will change the course of therapeutic riding research.

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