The Brown Family, Hometown Heroes

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Patriotism runs deep in the Brown family.

"Growing up in this family, you always know that you wanna serve," U.S. Marine Sgt. Todd Brown said.

Sgt. Brown has been serving for eight years. He was deployed to Iraq twice as an infantry assaultman and has spent many days at the forefront of battle.

"Firefights...they're all the same," Todd said, remembering his time in Fullujah. "Nine times out if ten, it's not gonna last any longer than 2 minutes. Then it's over with and your adrenaline is through the roof. By the time you calm down, you're just numb about it," he said.

But the Brown family's military legacy goes back many generations before Todd.

"It was almost a given that you had that desire to be in the military," Todd's uncle John said. "It was part of growing up," he said.

John joined the Navy during the Korean War. He served for 18 years and attained the rank of lieutenant commander as a carrier pilot.

"Extended on into Vietnam, we lost 25 percent of the pilots in my whole squadron. We had 16 pilots and we lost 5...we lost 5," John said.

But the Brown's service in the United States Armed Forces did not begin with John, either.

John's older brother, Bruce Brown, is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General. Bruce served in Vietnam as a fighter pilot.

John's other brother, Sgt. Michael Brown, served in the Marine Corps during Vietnam. He was captured for a brief time and escaped to rejoin his platoon.

John's son, Jim Brown, is a retired Navy captain and John has two grandchildren who are currently in active duty.

His granddaughter, Lieutenant Jocelyn Brown Leiburg, is a U.S. Navy Weapons Systems Officer and F-18 fighter who has completed two combat tours.

His other grandson, Jake Brown, joined the Navy in 2009 and is preparing for his second combat tour.

John also has a nephew, Scott Brown, who served in the Navy as a naval aviator during Desert Shield/Storm. Scott has been awarded several medals for his service.

"I'm very proud of them," John said.

John says the long line of Brown military members started with World War II.

"We grew up during WWII and everything as a teenager we saw was about military," he said.

He says he is proud the family's legacy is still continuing with the younger generation.

"I'm doing my part just like my family before has done their part," Todd said.

Although the Brown family has already done so much, they hope their family's role and service to our country will continue with their coming generations.

"I hope one day my kids and my nieces and nephews will decide to do their part," Todd said.

"It's not necessarily just being about my family, it's an obligation that you have to your country."

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