More tornadoes in Oklahoma City? John Robison explains

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Why are these violent storms hitting Oklahoma City again?

John Robison explains:

The events last week and this week involved upper level storm systems; plenty of warm, humid conditions, the dryline and tonight the addition of a cold front moving into the area. The upper level pattern has kept the central portion of the U.S. the same for the last couple of weeks.

That has allowed the dryline, heat and moisture to mix and create these events almost daily.

Fortunately, this pattern will change as the cold front moves south into Texas tonight. The upper level system will swing to the east, so they should see less intense storm activity beginning this weekend.

Severe storms, some potentially tornadic, continue in central Oklahoma. Even the winds around the tornadoes have been close to 100 miles an hour.