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53-year old graduate receives Lubbock High Diploma

Richard Landin waited 35 years to graduate from Lubbock High Richard Landin waited 35 years to graduate from Lubbock High

Hundreds are breathing a sigh of relief after Lubbock High School's graduation Friday night, but that diploma means a little more to a man who's waited 35 years to walk across the stage.

53-year old Richard Landin graduated Friday night at the United Spirit Area, and in that moment he proved it's never too late to graduate.

"It feels good. It's a once in a lifetime feeling," Landin said.

Over the years, Landin has watched his seven children graduate from Lubbock High, and every time, it made him want that diploma a little more.

"Every time we had a graduation in my family I thought, man I wish I could have done that," Landin said.

Just 16 days before graduation, Landin's parents forced him to drop out of school and start working.

"I was totally against it. I didn't want to quit school. Especially 16 days from that day," Landin said.

But the decision was made, and Landin spent the next 30 years looking back.

"Maybe I could have been an attorney, maybe I could have been some high business man," Landin said.

So Landin took a step of faith back into the classroom. He only needed three credits to receive his diploma and walk across the stage, so he hit the books and on Friday night, in front of thousands, his name was called and Landin received his diploma from Lubbock High School.

"It's been a long journey, but it was well worth it. The world feels different now," Landin said.

Landin has spent his life as a roofer, but is now hoping his diploma will help open new doors in his life.

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