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Hooters Location May be a Tight Fit for Some Lubbockites

It's one of the most popular restaurant chains in America. Hooters has 330 locations in the country, and now one more is opening in just a few weeks here in Lubbock.

If you drive near the Loop and Slide, it's pretty hard to miss Hooters there. Traffic is steadily heavy in the area, an issue both patrons and surrounding business owners are talking about. "When this place opens it will be such a big mess, it's already hectic to get out of here anyway," says a frequent customer of Old Navy.

"I haven't seen many parking spaces and as crowded as I've been to one, it's going to be pretty tough," explains another concerned Lubbockite.

Traffic and parking aren't the traditional topics of controversy when it comes to Hooters Restaurant, and customers aren't the only ones concerned. People that work in surrounding businesses worry about it as well.

"That's the only thing I have a problem with is the parking, I don't think it's a big enough area for Hooters," says Maria Murillo, manager of Factory 2-U.

"I noticed they're bringing a lot of parking in off the Loop side so I don't think it'll be that congested," says Flo Aguilar owner of Flo's Nail Salon.

"I think it bodes well for them to have traffic going through there, more people stopping by," says Gabriel Barerra, future customer.

People drawn in by it's reputation for being "Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined," a slogan Hooters is known for. A manager we spoke to on the phone said it's the perfect place to bring your family. But not everyone agrees. "I do not think it is a family restaurant, I would not take my grandchildren with me," says Sammy Jones, grandmother of four.

"I'd take my daughter, my son and probably my husband too," says one Spunky mom and wife.

"I actually have teenage kids so I will take them," says Shaina Barnett, mother of two.

"I think everyone knows what Hooters is and what its about," explains Barerra.

"I think it's for young people not for people my age," says Jones.

"I'm sure it will get the male customers more than the female," college student Molly Burkhalter says.

"I think it uh, I like the hot wings, ha ha," chuckles a newlywed young man.

Hooters will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 20th but won't officially open it's doors until the next day on the 21st. The manager says there are still positions open for wait staff as well as cooks.

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