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Vegetables Prevent Risk of Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men and the second leading cause of cancer death. The risk increases with age.

That's why researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute are conducting a study in the kitchen, so to speak, to find out if men can enrich themselves with some protection, simply by what they eat. They determined the most powerful food when it comes to fighting prostate cancer is broccoli. Many colorful fruits and vegetables also contain disease fighting substances called phyto-chemicals.

"Be it broccoli or be it a cantaloupe or a tomato, the plant nutrients that are in those food items really may hold the secret to lowering the risk of disease. Investigators found that people who consume more of these vegetables are at a lower risk of developing cancer," says Dr. Shivendra Singh.

Since prostate cancer, for example, usually grows slowly, researchers believe that delaying its growth through nutrition may at least be a practical prevention tool.

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